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SGD$36 Per Carton Only!

Each carton contains 24 bottles x 500ml each. No GST. 




High Quality Natural Mineral Water from the Famous Forest Water in Gifu, Japan. 

One of the best tasty water  in Japan

Won Grand Gold Quality Award from

World-recognised, MONDE  SELECTION


      +250,000 visitors every year visit the Famous Forest Water fountain, they refer the drinking water 

      as Healing Water

  • Non-heat treated (Genuine Taste)

  • Soft water- Ideal for babies

  • Non-Carbonated

  • Extremely high purity (bottled at source)

  • Does not contain preservatives, flavourings and any other additives

  • No sugar added (Healthier choice)


Electron Water Filter Technology

Backed by Clinical Studies 


(a) Publication in International Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders  (23 July 2018). Potential of Electronic Water as a Therapeutic Treatment for Oxidative Stress-Related Diseases.

Dr Masahiro ONUMA, Teijiro WAKATUKI, Ryusuke FUJIKI


 (b) Pharma Medica Journal, Japan (August 2017, Volume 8  No 35). “Oxidative Stress-Related Diseases and Possibility of Electronic Water Adaptation 

Dr Masahiro ONUMA, Teijiro WAKATUKI, Ryusuke FUJIKI, Case Studies on Cancer Patients and Type 2 Diabetic Patients


(c) Clinical Studies “Effect of Electronic Water (Electron Water) Administration on Antioxydant. Capacity of Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease CKD

Reina SAKURAI, Yoshinobu KONNO, Dr Masahiro ONUMA, Nana HANYU, Takayoshi HIBI, Naohiro UCHIDA, Aiko IGUCHI, Masahiro YAMASAKI, Reeko SATO

Torus Wave Technology (Resonance Technology)

Enhanced with Resonance Technology RESON528 to create smaller clustered water and make the water molecules to have high natural frequencies with a corresponding high level of energy.


Incredible Benefits for your Health, Beauty and Dieting

  • Powerful Antioxidants (By drinking Super Electron Water , we are adding large quantity of external electrons to our body)

  • Balanced pH – alkaline 

  • Improves Body Metabolism

  • Detoxifies

  • Fast Hydration at Cellular Level 

  • Great Taste

  • Complete a balanced diet


You feel the Difference with every sip…..

Why Super Electron Water is deemed superior than Hydrogen Water ?

  • Super Electron Water can be kept for a longer period because the water molecules are much smaller

  • Water Molecules have high natural frequencies with a corresponding high level of energy

  • More resistant to HEAT

  • Cells damaged by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) can be restored to their normal state by supplementing the electrons. Super Electron Water contains large quantity of electrons.

  • Super Electron Water enables Mitochondria to be increased 


* Source : Clinical Studies “Effect of Electronic Water (Electron Water) Administration on Antioxidant Capacity of Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease CKD


NanoSight Test Report

Publication Intl Journal of Diabetes

Super Electron Water Flyer


Start Living Healthier Now

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